COVID-19 in România - Relationship between cases and counties

See how many people got infected by each person. In the visualization below, each circle represents a person, its size is proportional to how many people has infected, and the color represents either status (confirmed, discharged from the hospital, deceased), county, gender or age.

See how the infected people relate to each other. When a person was infected and the source was known, that was considered a connection, and was represented as a curved line.

See where outbreaks could occur. The clusters of people, created based on the connections, could reveal possible hot spots and could help us discover the locations and the circumstances that can lead to outbreaks.

Explore. Hover over each person to see how many people got in contact with, more details, and the link to the original media article. Select another theme to color all people by county, gender, location or status.

Data: Only cases with known infection source.
The last data update: 30th of July 2020.
Graphic: @maptheclouds