#30DayMapChallenge Day 30. Metamapping Day

#30DayMapChallenge 2021 map gallery and a 3D hexagons tutorial 🎉

A note on my first full month of #30DayMapChallenge. This year has been about new map tools and trying to keep up, next year will be about design and maximum 2 hours per day, I hope. 😀

The 3D hexagons mini-tutorial is about rendering hexagons from a DEM resulted from LiDAR data in #Threejs using #QGIS and #Qgis2threejs. You can find it on Twitter and on my blog, and if you want to use only QGIS, Klas Karlsson has made a similar tutorial on using the 3D renderer, that can be found on YouTube.

Graphics: @maptheclouds